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i am nitrile

Posted by nitrile - August 5th, 2014

i'm just a person that enjoys both male and female aesthetics.(i'll put new pics up later)

Also, thanks for the support and the critiques. I'm kind of amazed at how many people are fans of my work, especially considering that newgrounds appears to be 99% straight males. It feels pretty damn good to see a comment about how gay i made someone feel, haha. you know you're doing something right when you get dicks to look cute enough that a straight person tells you that they 5/5 would bang.

ok, bye for now. ☆



Comments (14)

Hm, that's interesting

/puts lotion on mait192

Love you too. :) Hope to be as attractive as you eventually. :3

Pfft, the bar isn't that high. you'll be fine.

Good for you! You should be able to express yourself and I admire you for your confidence and for your strength in being able to do so.
Hell, you "do art good" as the locals here would say. You're a fantastic artist. Just because it may not be in the taste of some (you do have over 200 fans of your work), it doesn't mean that you're not good at what you do. People tend to link fame with talent.... but look at some famous people in the United States.....
Keep up the good work and thanks for being a decent human being! :3

Haha, that's sweet of you to say. The way I see it, if I'm going to draw trap hentai, I might as well try to be the best at it.

While all traps crossdress, not every crossdresser is a trap/gay/transgender?

Yeah, something to that effect.

Anyway, keep doing whatever makes you feel happy and complete.

Yep, sounds right. for some, it's just about style. Unfortunately a lot of people don't see it that way so there usually are repercussions, but I haven't encountered any severe problems, fortunately :]

Traps are so awesome. You are so awesome. I really admire you, keep it up!

thanks, man.

hehe and i thought i'm a trap , you looks amazing ;3
and you're right .. why would you limit yourself with only one gender..

thanks, man. sometimes the uncertainty messes with my mind, but it's fun being both.

We love you too nitrile! <3

❤ ❤ ❤

Your art style isn't exactly my favorite, but I think it is still amazing. As for your typical work, well I don't love traps, but I can look at the artwork. Sometimes it's enjoyable if really well done to what I personally think is good. I like your work and I like that you love doing it. Right now I'm barely starting to draw but I hope to gain skill as I go along. Keep doing what you're doing and make your amount of fans grow!

i don't expect anyone to enjoy what i do or love. if they can appreciate it, that's cool. if not, doesn't matter. i'm going to keep on doing it anyway.

Have you considered partnering up with another artist called Shadman? Your work would do so well on his sites, where your work ill be even greatly appreciated and make a home for themselves

as much as i would like that, i'm not sure if that will be possible right now. i guess it wouldn't hurt to see if he'd be interested :]

I'm sure he would be, lately he's been partnering up with other artists putting sexy art work of lady boys, dick girls and every fetish under the sun there is. Your work is highly good I'm straight ut god damn your work is very good, you are very talented artist and you need to get your work out there for more people to enjoy and make them question their sexuality.

haha, that's one hell of a compliment man. it's also the kick on the ass i need. i think i'll contact him soon; we'll see how it goes.

I have faith in you, your art is some of the best on newgrounds and I've been here since the days when flash animation where choppy and poorly drawn, the days when egoraptor use to post his work on. So go out there and confuse the f**k out of people's sexual preferences.

you're goddamn right, pops. i will be responsible for a carpal tunnel epidemic.

Yeah I'm getting up there in years, anyway do your best to make sure the tissue and lotion companies go gangbusters in profits, just dedicate one of your work for me and make it extra erotic and extra cute. I, like you admire the female figure so I enjoy your work and I will keep following your work.

you might want to carry around an extra pair of drawers for when you cream your pants. i'll even provide it for you if you want. joking aside, thanks man.

Don't worry I got use to creaming these pants hahaha, no problem I just want to see people with talent have their work recognize and the art of making erotic drawings of boys & girls is not an easy one but you are one of the few that can truly do it. Your art needs to go out there for people to see.

You're a really cool artist, we need more people who are so open with their art like that.
I'm always happy to see a new piece from you regardless if nude or not.

Keep it up!