Brain Food

2015-04-01 18:15:04 by nitrile

"A man needs a mission in life. You need a purpose, a passion, something to build, live for, strive for, fight for. A mission is the only way you can escape the vagaries and whims of the sexual selection game and enjoy the relative calm of a productive, cooperation-based hierarchy with a common purpose. A man’s mission is a source of satisfaction and self-worth that he controls, giving his life meaning and more importantly stability. A man without a mission is an unstable man because he is completely dependent on the fleeting, volatile approval of others for his self-worth. Without internal validation, you are nothing. You’re an empty shell without a life and a purpose."

-TFM and TruthOverEverything


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well if you want to be cut and dry and simple about it you could just whittle it down to just that.