Entry #11

Support the Traps!

2015-09-12 04:47:16 by nitrile


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2015-09-12 04:51:09

Wtf are traps? Btw i might become patreon :)

nitrile responds:

You might want to look at my work before you do that, lol.


2016-01-15 07:10:18

Hey man, I just saw your influence map on Tumblr.
Very thoughtful and inspirational.

I wanted to apologize for commenting "needs more dick" on one of your drawings, I hope you realized I was trying to make a joke lol

nitrile responds:

no worries, man. rating threw me off since i do get people who will vote stuff down because of the d.


2016-04-22 14:27:00

I've come across your traps on other sites, good shit fam